Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pablo Picasso

I taught my kindergarten art class today.

It turned out to be a good class; it always amazes me how these children are so creative.

We used pastels today to draw a playground scene. Because the kids had never used pastels before, I wanted them to try them out before using them on their "artwork" paper. I handed out the pastels and before I could even give them paper, one boy was drawing on the carpet! I quickly told them NOT to do that.

So they all got a chance to try their pastels, it was time to hand the samples back to me and go to their desks, and shockingly, they grabbed onto my pants with their dirty hands to lift themselves up. I said, "don't touch my pants with your dirty hands!", then another boy, who obviously thought he was so funny, quickly grabbed my pants with his very dirty hands.

In trying to help the kids feel good about their drawings, I told them about Pablo Picasso; about his portraits that are so odd with body parts in the wrong places. One boy told me he has met him before, in fact that was his father!

I brought my camera all the way to me car, and left it there! So, no pictures for you, I will try to take some later. Griffin named his artwork "Mixy World". Use your imagination.

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Julie/mom said...

the "pirate speak" was on purpose!