Thursday, November 13, 2008

Use Your Time Wisely

Is it really a good use of time to have elementary students, including Kindergartners(!) sit outside in the hot sun for over an hour for an earthquake drill? Just sitting, for over an hour! Why go to school! The teacher said it was good practice for them. I just don't get that.

Really the drill is for the adults so they can know exactly what to do in case of this emergency. So, I saw a whole gaggle of adults over in the shade doing their "drill" while the whole elementary student body sat in the sun. One little boy came up to the teacher and told her he was hot. Sorry, nothing could be done. I was supposed to be their to take the kids to the computer room.

I left to go to the grocery story (after I made this blog). Zak texted me (correct grammar??) then that he was just starting his 2 hour earthquake drill. Now, I am sure the high school students will find some enjoyment out this.

Just wondering.


Christopher said...

The adults were just sitting around just like the kids were? Well if nobody is doing anything, then sitting around in the hot sun for 2 hours certainly sounds like a waste of time.

Hard to imagine complaining of the heat instead of complaining of the cold though.

Candice said...

When I learned we had to do this drill at our school and it was going to take at least an hour, I had my students pack their backpacks with a clipboard, activities, ssignments and a fun new math game they really liked. My class did not waste their time, I'm happy to say. I also brought out a huge roll of butcher paper for them all to sit on so they didn't have to sit right on the grass. However, I still thought it was stupid, because in a REAL earthquake we wouldn't have "prepared" ourselves with fun activites. And honestly, everyone would have been crying and noisy.