Monday, November 17, 2008

Sports Talk With Mom

I haven't asked mom much stuff about Fantasy football, but we've talked about the Turkey Bowl. First, I asked her which one of us would get the most TD's; she said none of us would get any. I said: What!?!?! she then explained that she didn't think any of us have ever gotten any touchdowns in any turkey bowl. I then explained to her we supply about half the touchdowns scored per turkey bowl (at least). So I asked he again, who will get the most TD's. she says "ummm, uhh I think Steven." I said: What!?!?!. then Dad put in that he got 2-3 touchdowns last year, so I asked mom how many touchdowns she thought each person would get. she said:
Steven: 7 Me: 6 Christopher: he's injured (eye surgury), so he'll only get 3. Dad: 2-3 Quinn: 1-2
I asked her if anybody (and how many) kick-off return TD's will be scored and she said none.

I'm willing to bet anyone 10 points Steven (assuming he's on the elders side) doesn't get 7 TD's.



Julie/mom said...

I quite enjoyed this post - and the audio part too.

Julie/mom said...

Christopher, you should build a program that will let us do "stuff" to automatically get our own html for different audio files. Think of the possiblities!!

Steven said...

I project that I will get as many TD's as any 2 of my brothers. Hah!

*This projection is void if Shovel-Pass is my QB.

Zak said...

I'd be willing to bet points against that.