Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, Nov 7th

Kylie, Quinn and Griffin all played with friends.

Zak played football - came home with cuts, bruises and swelling.

We had chicken balls for dinner and homemade rolls from the other day. Very yummy!

I picked up K, Q and G, then I had to take K back so she could spend the night. Had to take G back so he could get his Mr. Potato Head sword. I also picked up Steven from downtown L.A. When was the last time I picked Steven up??

I have several books to read, and am quite enjoying my current book! I have also enjoyed my blogging this week.

It has been fun to have Steven home again. He is out watching a movie with Josh and Nathan Beck; who is just home from his mission!

We received some pictures from Chase's mission! I will try to get them on his mission blog tomorrow. There are great pictures from the hurricane.

Tomorrow all the activities on the Calendar are Griffin's; soccer, party and party. I think I also see cleaning in our future!

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