Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgving

Things I am thankful for:

A Grateful to be born in America
B Boys where are willing to carry me; Blogging
C Christopher for all of his knowledge of the Internet and
computers & for his scholarships; My camera
D Doctors who had the knowledge to fix my leg
E e-mail
F easily accessed food at the grocery store; friends
G Griffin who is still willing to sit on my lap and give me kisses and hugs
H Husband who is willing to be so helpful
I The Internet
J Julie’s (my) piano playing abilities and may they grow!
K Kylie who often has a good story to tell me
L Library
M Chase who is happily serving a mission; regular mail
N narcotics (Steven said to just think of a drug for each letter)
O opiates
P Parents who taught me the gospel
Q Quinn who is often the first to help during a “crisis”
R For great recipes and the ability to make them
S Steven for his willingness to work so hard and be on a scholarship; Spell check
T For the TIME together with my family
U Utah folk
V So Thankful for the ability to vote
W Husband who works so hard to provide for our family
X x-rays
Y Yea for children who watch TV & Movies with me
Z Zak who will text me during the day


Emily said...

i like this thanksgiving alphabet list! cute idea :)

Nana said...

This is my second try. I love all your thank-yous. You are incredible. So fun to read!