Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photographic This and That +

I have a lovely friend, Claire. She LOVES to read, and she LOVES the library! She has re-done her kitchen, it is beautiful. On her island, on the end are shelves. This is where she stores all her library books. This really is not enough room for her books, but this is the bulk of them. Really, these are all library books: Christopher, the future master builder, is building his own TV stand for his project in his woodworking class. The class has a fancy name, but it means come and use all these fabulous tools and build something. I asked him to please take pictures of his progress and send them to me. He did, now I will share!

Another part of the stand.

In OTHER news:
Kylie has caught herself a really good/bad cold. I took her to the doctor yesterday just to make sure it was nothing else more severe. Her cough is awful. The nurse thought it was a fine idea to tell us to be there a FULL HOUR before we could even be seen. We watched people come and go as we sat and read out books. I don't like that nurse. The doctor, I like.
Zak played his last JV football game. Sadly, they lost. He doesn't know it now, (because he is sleeping), but he has to work the woodlot this morning. Later, I am hoping he will tutor me in Picture It, or
Quinn keeps chugging along.
I asked Griffin what his teacher taught him yesterday in school that he didn't know before. He told me they learned a new sight word; are. Very exciting.
I am in charge of snacks for Kylie's soccer game today; whether she goes or not. I must work on that.
BYU plays; we can't watch it on our TV. BOO:(
Nice talking to you!

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