Friday, November 28, 2008

PICTURES - Turkey Bowl & Thanksgiving (Food & People)

Pictures tell 1000 words, so here you go -

Kylie was throwing the football around (she is pretty good at it!)She was throwing the ball to Sharron Luna

The Turkey Bowl Players

Turkey Bowl Action

A Huddle - yes, that is Kerry in the blue shirt, blue shorts

Turkey Play

Now here they are with names!
(I just learned how to do this!)Zak & Quinn

Quinn in the left side of the picture making a TOUCHDOWN!

Turkey Bowl Cole Players
(well, not Griffin, but soon!)
The Meal
(That is Sylvia, Gil's cousin, that you can't see right by Christopher)

Tanner, Kylie & Griffin sitting at their own table

A table of rolls!
4 dozen regular rolls
60 cinnamon rolls

Enjoy this video because it shows Zak's blocking of Steven to MAKE SURE Steven did NOT make any Touchdowns so Zak WOULD win the bet! Apparently, Zak blocked Steven the whole game. Zak won the bet.

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Julie/mom said...

Sadly, you can't click on the "names" picture to even SEE the names! I'll have to have more tutoring.