Saturday, November 1, 2008

What would mom do without me?

8:44 Saturday night and mom is starting two people with bye's. she says her team stinks so much it depresses her and she doesn't want to look at it. I have to help her fix it.

also I know Torry Holt is going to get a touchdown sunday, but I'm going to start Donnie Avery instead.

and If you want see the official Utopia stuff about trading etc look here


Steven said...

Interference!!! Fortunately mom is probably not going to beat me anyway.

Zak: Where can I look at all the changes to races/personalities and stuff? I need you to come up with a good basic strat so that I can post it in the forums in more detail. I don't have time for such things.

Zak said...

I'm not sure if there are going to be any changes besides the whole trading thing. at one point in time they did say:

"Last, but not least, you will be pleased to hear that the game manuals have having a re-vamp and a re-write which is progressing nicely, although we can’t promise that they will be ready for the start of the new age."

so maybe they'll put up a new guide with some changes on it, but I doubt they are actually going to make any changes to race/personality/etc

Julie/mom said...

Zak hates one of my players, did not tell me to put him in BECAUSE he hates him, and on my bench he got 17 points. I hold Zak responsible for my loss!!

Steven said...

You lost by more than 17 points mom...