Monday, July 25, 2011

For Future Reference

The Rams have a Good Defense and they're getting better. So if you need to describe how bad something is don't be like dad and say "lousy, like the Rams" or I"ll bring up the stats. Last year, the Rams had 12th best defense, while Dad's beloved Philadelphia Jailbirds and Showboats had the 21st! that's worse than the Raiders! (but not as bad as the 23rd ranking Colts). And if you DO diss on the Rams it's very likely they'll punish your teams starting QB for it because they had the 7th most sacks last year. That's more than anyone else's favorite team. So back off or suffer! (Only Quinn has no need to fear this; Jay Cutler getting injured isn't exactly going to have Chicago fans crying themselves to sleep...)

Also, my Free Agency predictions
Rams: They sign DT Barry Coefield (alt guess: Brandon Mebane). They sign RB Darren Sprolles (alt guess: Steve Slaton). They sign G Harvey Dahl. They sign S Quinton Mikell. They resign WR Mark Clayton and get no other WR's.

QB's: Cardinals trade for Kevin Kolb (I hope: Marc Bulger). Seahawks resign Matt Hasselbeck (I hope: trade for Carson Palmer) Vikings get Donovan Mcnabb. Kyle Orton starts in Denver

Nnamdi Asomugha: goes to the Buccaneers (alt guess: Texans).


Christopher said...

Brett Favre with the Eagles anyone?

Zak said...

I wish; I love Favre Watch.

so far I was 100% right with my prediction about the Rams signing Quinton Mikell, they already have a deal with him.
I was wrong about Seattle's QB's, but I can be more ecstatic about them signing Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Leinert.
Also apparently I was wrong about the Broncos, I can't believe how much they love Tim T.

Steven said...

Tim T is next year's Michael Vick? Should Christopher lock him in?