Saturday, March 29, 2008

Festival of Colors (Holi)

Steven and I went to Festival of Colors at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. You can look up what the holiday actually is, but basically there are thousands of people throwing colored powder at each other. It is crazy. I got a bunch of pictures which you are sure to enjoy.


Julie/mom said...

Did you boys throw powder?
How did you hear about it?
How was the group chosen to go?
what is in Steven's bag?
How come you and Steven are the most colory BY FAR??
the girls you are with look cute.
What car did you drive?
Was there a mess in the car from your dirtyness?
Do you still feel dirty after your shower?
You seem to be wearing MANY layers of clothes. Is that for protection against the force of the powder being thrown at you, or were you cold?
Please answer!

Chase said...

I was actually there too...some other girl took all the pictures so I have to wait for her to upload them before I can post them here.

Julie/mom said...

Wow, Chase, did S & C tell you about it, or did you find out on your own?? Can't wait to see your pictures!

Chase said...

No...I heard about it from a bunch of people. I knew probably 15-20 people going. I also saw hillary miller there. It was hard to recognize people because of all the chalk stuff and because there were so many people

Zak said...

how much did you spend on dust?