Friday, March 21, 2008

UPDATE's been a while since I posted anything so I owe everyone an update. I think I mentioned it somewhere else, but starting last week I had a midterm in every single on of my classes, so I have been studying, going to reviews, doing homework, and writing essays all day almost every day. I got home past 10pm for 3/5 school nights last week. But, it is all over now so Im going to have a break for a while. I did pretty well on all of my midterms, except for I didnt do too well in econ. I missed a really important review because I was taking an in-class midterm for art history. Things are not looking good for that class because there are only 2 tests and a final, so if you mess up on one then you are in trouble. Hopefully things will start to go better for that class.

Other than that..I've noticed that throughout most of my life I go through phases of having favorite foods/activities (ie. eating donuts every day after school). Here are some of my recent favorites:

Favorite Drink: Blue Powerade. I drink it every day. Whenever I get a meal anywhere on campus, this is the drink I get. Every time I go running or do any type of physical activity, I stop off at the creamery to get some Blue Powerade. White is my 2nd favorite, and Green is my 3rd favorite. I different flavors depending on the severity of my thirst and what mood Im in. And yes, I refer to the flavors by their color. The people who work at the creamery all know I get powerades all the time too. They try to guess which flavor I'm going to get...its pretty funny.

Favorite Meal: Almost every day I go to subway to get a Chicken and Bacon BBQ sandwich on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread. Im very specific with how they make it. I make sure they put BBQ sauce on before they toast it so it soaks into the chicken and bacon, then I put southwest sauce on after its is toasted. A lot of the people who work at subway started to recognize me and know what I get every time. One girl said she would be very upset and confused if I ever changed what I ordered.

Favorite Activity: Recently I taught my two roommates and one other girl how to play racquetball and were all addicted. We go every single Saturday and sometimes more during the week. Its fun to get out of the apartment and do something active every once in a while. I am currently the reigning champion.

Favorite Pre-Bedtime Activity: Every night before I go to sleep I watch Conan O'Brian, and sometimes Jay Leno. Conan is the most important one to watch though. I always change into my pajamas and lay on the couch to relax before I go to sleep. This also helps me not stay up too late so I get a good amount of sleep each night. My roommate Sam watches it every night as well. A lot of people know we do this, so we randomly have people over to watch it with us pretty frequently.

Favorite Weekly Restaurant: Almost at least once a week a bunch of friends and I go to an on-campus restaurant called Legends Grill. We can use our dining dollars here and the food is really good so we like to go there to get a decent meal every week. A lot of athletes from the basketball, volleyball, and football teams go there to eat because its right by the track and indoor practice facility. My roommate is friends with Harvey Unga's girlfriend because they were from the same stake, so theycome eat with us every once in a while.

Ex-Favorite Activity: Near the beginning of the semester, for like 3 weeks, a bunch of friends and I would play monopoly every night. We would get very loud and competitive. The games usually lasted 2-3 hours. We dont do this anymore because it was wasting a lot of time and it started to get a little boring.

This isnt really a favorite, but Ive gone classic skating with a bunch of people a few times. We've gone like 3 times on Friday nights when its disco night, so a lot of people dress up and its pretty funny. I also went to the tumbling gym two days ago. It was the same place that steven went to. It was reeeally fun. We are definitely going to go back again. We had a jumping contest with and without a trampoline. I won the jump contest without the tramp. We would run down this platform thing that was slightly spring then dive over this big box things and land in a foam pit. I cleared one that was up to my chin, so it was about 5'4ish. We tied for the trampoline jump contest. We got it up to like 7 1/2 was way high and very fun.

Hmm...thats all I can think of for now. Aside from that, Im finished with everything I need to do for my mission. Ive just got to meet with the bishop one more time then meet with the stake president. Ill probably get my call mid-April depending on when I can set an appointment with the stake pres.


Steven said...

For the last two weeks I have been drinking a lot of blue powerade as well. I got a really good deal on a big pack of them.

Julie/mom said...

Fabulous Information Chase!!

Chase said...

Oh yeah..I forgot one of my favorites. Trix isnt that good anymore because they changed shapes, so now I always get Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I think I have 5-6 different kinds of cereal in my cupboard. Our apartment at one time had 22 cereal boxes and 6 gallons of was pretty funny

Anonymous said...
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Chase said...

Mom cant you just make it so you have to be a member of the blog or something to post so you dont have to keep deleting those bots' posts

Quinn said...

we have all the characters in brawl now. they got rid of young link and put in Toon Link instead I think it is very funny