Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Kylie is STILL sick.
I am STILL doing laundry.
Griffin is STILL making big messes in the family room.
Zak is STILL talking football all the time and begging me to pick a favorite team.
Quinn is STILL joining in on the football talk, and (happily) doing his homework.
Dad is STILL trying to work out an offer on the Larkfield house (thank goodness!).


Chase said...

SD Chargers all the wayyyy. Too bad Im going to miss the next 2 fball seasons

Steven said...

hahaha, I just realized that the picture mom used is a a picture of a still. Very clever.

Zak said...

Mom doesn't like te chargeres becuase she doesn't like their QB, I think they're ok. LT isn't as good as Steven Jackson though.

Quinn said...

there is no real reason, but I just dont like the chargers

Julie/mom said...

Thank you VERY much, Steven's comment is the sort and I am looking for!! Thanks for recognizing my cleverness.