Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Night

Tonight it is/was just me, Kylie and Griffin.

Dad and Quinn went on an overnight campout. In a shocking turn of events, they were actually ready WAY early! I fixed them both a nice tin foil dinner. Quinn has never had one before and was quite concerned about the bun for the hamburger. When I finally was able to explain enough what the meal was, he thought it very odd to eat a hamburger patty like that. We will see how he liked it.

Zak was at a vollyball game, I picked him up at 7:00pm, then he got ready to go to a friends birthday party - they are playing video games until 10:00pm when I hope he will get a ride home.

Kylie, Griffin and I watched Bee Movie. It was funny! I really liked it.

That's it. Hope you all enjoyed your night.


Anonymous said...
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Christopher said...

Warning! We have a retard in our midst!