Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tick Tack Toe...No, Just a TICK

Quinn came back from his camping trip with a GUEST!
He got a tick.

Enjoy the pictures

I pulled the tick out with tweezers.

You can see the whole where the tick was.

Dead tick on a tissue

photographs courtesy of Mom
Great blog courtesy of Quinn
ALERT: upon closer inspection, another tick was found.
No new photos were allowed.


Quinn said...

my friend just got a little too chummy with me and I needed my space

Candice said...

That is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

Quinn said...

I denied photos for a very good reason, the second one was on my bottom

Nana said...

Oh, come on Quinn, Let us see the second tick - which is really gross, by the way. What do you mean your friend got a little too chummy. Were you on a scout campout?