Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Screamed at the Doctor's Office Today

Today I had an appointment at the doctor's office to get this little piece of (gross) hanging skin taken off. It WAS located right at/below my right eye. I was hoping my doctor would say she could not take it off, that I would have to go to a dermotolgist.
No, she offered to possibly cut or freeze it off. She said she would freeze it. Ok, just lie back, she asked. I did. Weirdly, as she began her very slow and demented work, I thought it felt like cutting. YES, she was slowly and carefully cutting at my skin!
Tears were streaming down my face, eventually I screamed....a couple of times.
The tag of skin is off now. I am grateful, but my eye area still hurts.
P.S. I wish I knew how to add a scream sound when you touched the word scream.


Nana said...

OH JULIE!! I am screaming for you. How scary!! I'm proud you got it off. It's a bigger deal than most people think! GOOD JOB!

Julie/mom said...

I appreciate the sympathy. It all still hurts a day later.

Christopher said...

I could do the scream sound when you hover over the word. But it would include lots of fancy HTML and javascript. I just wanted to say I could do it.