Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just a Little Catch Up

I need to catch you all up on a few pictures!

I'll start with Easter.

Here are some pictures:

Easter eggs that we colored. It was fun, and somewhat of a competition.

Quinn's is the bottom left green one, dad's is the yellow, colorful one above it.

Mine is the one with the 2 yellow stripes, that is another of Dad's next to mine (green with dots and yellow).

Kylie's loot.

Griffin's loot.

Zak and Quinn's loot.

This video is of our annual Easter Egg hunt. It is only mildly amusing. I find it too hard to video AND enjoy the action.

Kylie had her Highland Oaks Talent Show. It was fine. Her group talent was very good. Her girl scout troop did a dance to "Car Wash". I thought I was videoing her performance. I guess I wasn't because I don't have it. Today, out of frustration, I tried to see what the problem was and see if I could video. I guess I can, but not in the dark, under stress and duress.

So, here is that video, on Sunday. Only Zak has the duress (he has loads of homework to do).


Emily said...

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Nana said...

who's Emily? She sounded like a good friend. The video was great. I'm glad Zak threw the disgusting celery away! I like this blog better than the Paynes Far and Wide. I think it is boring compared to this one. Why can't we all see this one. I love to see all the children in videos. I laugh. I will miss all these wonderful pictures when they go home.