Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ever hear of Clamato? It is a combination of Tomato juice and Clam juice. Quite possibly the worst concoction ever invented. I can't believe anyone would drink this stuff. Anyway, our roommate Joel was born on St. Patrick's day. He had a birthday party last night, so naturally we played (mormon) beer pong. It was quite a game. I ended up drinking 3 full glasses of a weird soda/grape juice cocktail, but the real kicker was that I had to drink the nasty point cup. It had a real combination of all sorts of things, but the taste of clam overpowered it all. I would never suggest trying this stuff, I was tasting it all night. Steven got away with an easy one glass.

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Julie/mom said...

now, please explain the rules of mormon beer it a mix of ping pong? You should have just barfed it up.