Sunday, March 23, 2008

Throw-up & Clean-up

After 25 years of mothering, I had a child throw-up IN the car, not in a carseat. I guess my time had come.

Kylie went to her baseball game on Saturday, but felt too sick to play. We stayed until all the tissues were used up that I had, then we drove home. On the way one, she announced she thought she might have to throw-up. She did.

It turns out she has an upper respiratory infection. She has anti-biotics, so she should get better soon!

It took hours to clean up, hence the picture.


Christopher said...

Not that it makes a car throw-up mess any worse, but you've only mothered 24 years.

I have a memory of some throw up in Billy's brand new car. I distinctly remember Billy saying, "They're chunks too!"

Steven said...

I remember Chase throwing up in our old blue minivan when we were just about to leave from grandma's house. All he ate was cap'n crunch, and that's what it looked like. I think most of it was on a blanket so it wasn't that terribly hard to clean up.

Julie/mom said...

I could never say "14" or "13" for Zak, I constantly called him 12. I guess I am over compensating for that. I am VERY glad to know you are ONLY 24!