Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baseball with NO Steroids!

Kylie at first base

This WAS a GREAT play! Mr. Red Jacket HAD to get in my way JUST as Kylie caught the ball and got the girl out at first.

Kylie playing catcher
more catcher

Run, Kylie, Run!


Anonymous said...
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Christopher said...

Might want to delete the dork above me.

Your blog titles are pretty good. I enjoy them almost as much as the content.

Julie/mom said...

Thanks, I appreciate being appreciated. I will eliminate the dork above Christopher...I like that power too, eliminating dorks.

Nana said...

I LOVED THE PICTURES!! i COULDN'T recognize Kylie in her baseball outfit. But she looked fabulous!! Way to go, Kylie!
Griffin is so childlike.

Nana said...

Mr. Red Jacket had better not get in the way again!!