Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where Have We Been??

It was Nana's birthday this Saturday. She and Bumpa came into town. If you want to see the pictures go here.

The music leading at the funeral was just fine. I was glad I did it.

Funny Griffin story:
Every Friday the Kindergarten has music time. They learn songs and do a few moves. Lately, they are learning songs from Mary Poppins....Feed the Birds.....Step in Time. Griffin usually enjoys it because he comes home and shows me his moves. Well, I guess that Friday he was not too excited to go. The 2 mother helpers took the class to the music room. After they were there, the mothers noticed that 2 boys were missing! Griffin and his friend Cole (quite the coincidence!...the name). The boys were found outside hiding behind a tree. Their teacher talked to them and told them not to do that again.

Zak & Quinn both started a new semester at school. That meant no homework over the weekend!

Kylie had softball practice on Monday and she really enjoyed it. She said she played well.

Chase sent pictures from his mission. I will try to get those posted on his mission page in the next couple of days!

We are having Beef Burgundy tonight for dinner. Should be good.

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