Thursday, February 19, 2009

Utopia News

Adults, you won't understand this post. It is for us kids.

So Steven and I decided to play the new age of Utopia just purely for 1 reason: to cause havoc. We both became the biggest in the kingdom, and then posted a message in the forums for a "hostile takeover". Then we attacked the king and anyone else who opposed until they defected. Now we're attacking everybody who isn't voting until they do vote. It is great fun. We've caused probably 8-10 defections already, and several more to delete their accounts.

We don't have many people left to attack. So I'm think it would be fun to just attack everybody until it is only me and Steven left in the kingdom. Then whoever is bigger will automatically become monarch.

Too bad you guys missed out.

1 comment:

Zak said...

how'd you get into the same kd? did one of you just ask the monarch to let the other in?

I'm too busy to play that childish game anyway.

The NFL Combine will be on the next couple of days, I will have time to watch some of that.