Friday, February 13, 2009

Building a Guitar: Installment 1

So I've started making some jigs to help me make a guitar. I just finish what was probably my most complicated jig.

First, I had to make a circular piece (the dish). Then I made a table thing that the dish could rest on, with a dowel in the middle so that I could turn it. Finally I made a sled that just barely sits on top of the dish with rails that lower down in a subtle radius. I took the router and slid it along in order to make the radius. You can see I'm about halfway done at this point.

As you can see, it made quite a mess, both on me and everywhere else.

The radius dish helps me slightly dome the top and bottom of the guitar.


Julie/mom said...

Wow, thanks for the pictures.

Who cleans up all the dust??
Just think, in Jesus' time there were no face masks...I guess there were no power tools either so the dust was not that bad.

Christopher said...

I probably cleaned for an hour after I was finished. I vacuumed, swept, used an air hose, and then started over again several times.

Zak said...

who flung poo?

Nana said...

In Jesus' time I wonder what his Dad's carpenter shop looked like! It looks like a great hobby, CJ - I am proud of your work.