Saturday, February 7, 2009

Soup With a Fork?

We had yummy Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner Friday night.
Apparently, Quinn thinks you eat soup with a fork; much better for leaving all that pesky broth behind.

Zak went the conventional way of eating his soup with a spoon.

In Other News:
  • While playing computers games next to Zak, Griffin broke out singing a Barry Manilow song, "Can't Take my Eyes Off of You". Yes, it is true and very funny.
  • Zak and Quinn are out practicing basketball with Bro. Miller
  • Tonight the DVD will be Madagascar II
  • Friday night's DVD was watching the recording of the game show Win, Lose or Draw that I was on. (Probably 1987). I won $600; bought my scriptures that I use currently and the automatic garage door opener in Duarte. I was embarrassingly sappy. While other people went through the "Clever on TV" line in heaven, I chose to go through the "Sappy" line several times.


Quinn said...

if you don't use a fork then you have to pour all the broth out every time, and if you pour too much out then it has no taste. A fork gives the perfect amount of it.

Nana said...

I'm just glad there are not a lot of sappy videos of me in the 80s' or even in the 50s'.