Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Lunch

This morning, I woke up, put a roast in the crock pot. I have done this many times. It is done and delicious for when we get home from church.
I also found some frozen rolls (that need to rise) in the freezer. I put those out so they could rise while we were at church.
All’s well; so I thought!
When we walked in the door after church, the lid to the crock pot was not on! It was vertical to the pot. The roast was big, and as it cooked, I guess it pushed the lid up. So the roast did not slow cook for 5 hours as it should have.
I thought I would just finish up the rest of the meal slowly and let it cook for another hour, it had to be fine. The rolls looked weird and not rising. I made mashed potatoes and lots of gravy thinking that would fix anything. I also heated up some corn from a can.
The Results: The roast was AWFUL, the worst ever. It was like eating shoe leather, really. There is/was no gravy strong enough to correct that taste. The potatoes were fine, the corn was cold (why??); the rolls looked poisonous. Quinn said the rolls tasted fine, (I would NOT even try them), but the middles of the rolls were still doughy, so Zak eats the outside and plays (like putty) with the insides. I said I hope I never had to eat a meal that awful again.
Moral of the story: things can still mess up and be awful even if you plan ahead and try your best.


Zak said...

I found it all to be at-least edible, so I was satisfied.
and entertained

Nana said...

I think the cat and the dog, Cocoa somehow got in the house and did some weird things to make all that stuff go awry. None of that should have happened. There is a mystery here.