Monday, February 16, 2009

Rainy Monday

It was a raining day!

Zak & Quinn: had basketball practice this morning at 8:00am. Then they were supposed to go sledding, but the weather was too bad for that, so they went to IHOP instead. Zak was happy to not have to go do the sledding. He said it was a perfect situation where he was not seen as lazy yet still didn't have to go and be cold.

Griffin: played with Vincent today. He said he had an awesome time. We had a little time to discuss things after dinner, so Griffin told us this: "There is a girl in my school class that goes to school and she goes to church every Sunday too!". I asked him if it was Megan Colton. "Yes, it is!"

Kylie: went to Lydia's today. I am sure she had an awesome time too.

Mom: I made pancakes and hash browns for breakfast. I made French dip for lunch. Then heated up corn dogs for dinner. I also made 3 baby blankets for my store! They are beautiful.
Dad: started gathering papers for taxes. He has also had odd/weird trouble with his car! He had it in the "shop" for a couple of days. It would not do "the thing"; which is just not start. It works fine for 1 - 2 days, then it won't start. It was fine for the 2 or 3 days the car people had it. Odd. Then Sunday morning it would not start. Thank goodness for the reliable green car. They are going to replace the battery tomorrow hopefully for free!
CHASE SIGHTING! Grant Jensen (Lydia's father and our Ward's Elder's Quorum President and he is a scientist that travels and speaks all over the world) went to Galveston, Texas yesterday. He spoke last night and had some time today so he called and asked permission from Chase's mission President, it was granted, and he went and took Chase and his companion out for ice cream! Grant said Chase looked great. Chase thinks he has recently lost around 8 pounds from being sick! Grant also said Chase seems happy and doing well.


Christopher said...

how do you go sledding without snow?

Quinn said...

we were going to drive up to the snow in some mountain