Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review in Pictures

That's a review of things that we have seen here at the Cole house hold....

You know it has been raining; I have shown pictures and talked about it.

The other day, as I was walking back and forth (for the 100th time) from the gate to the back door, I noticed this bucket. It is FULL of rain water! That is a lot of rain. The bucket is 9 inches tall.

A few nights ago, late, around 10:30pm, Zak noticed this moth fluttering by our kitchen window! It was huge (for a moth). It's wing is 2 inches! We'd hate for you to miss seeing it, so here are a few pictures: (and yes, I can see the window is a bit dirty!)

Our last picture is of our cat. It seems that when he is ready to go outside he reaches up to twist open the door. He is so close to being able to help himself, but not quite. It is funny.

In other news:
  • I made a post about the Academy Awards on our Payne site. If you want to vote, go over there and make your thoughts known!
  • Kylie and Griffin only have 1/2 days of school this whole week!
  • Griffin starts T-ball on Monday. He is very excited.
  • No one (even me) is more swayed by commercials than Griffin. It is funny. He will often tell me things I just need to buy that he saw on a commercial. I was once swayed by the Hebrew National Hot Dogs commercial. I thought they would really be good and different. They were not!
  • The Swenson's came to our ward today! They have planned this family reunion for 1 year. Most everyone came. It was fun to see them all. Anne is going on a mission to Sweden in May. They will go to Disneyland. What fun.
  • The photos in this post were taken by Zak and Quinn! Quinn took the water bucket so he could get a marshmellow valentine treat. Zak took the rest.

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