Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weird Things

People will buy and sell odd things.
While learning, searching, figuring out online today, I ran across these two items:

The first: someone is requesting a person to KNIT a UTERUS for her! Yes. She teaches a prenatal class and wants a knitted uterus. She has a pattern. It would be great if you could also make a place where a cesarean section took place.

The Second:
someone I don't know, but a blog that I have visited from time to time,(Oh Happy Day..the blog) she has been making books, 5" x 6 1/2". The covers of these books are old paintings that her husband made years ago. The books are interesting. She is selling 6 of them for $81 EACH! Oh, and by the way, she has sold every one. What??

In other news:

We had spaghetti tonight. Zak did NOT like the sauce so much. He really didn't eat much. It was a shocker.
We watched Survivor. We enjoyed it.
I made an account at ETSY. If I sell my purse there, it will break the rules. I think I will try to break the rules. Some rules are for breaking...I think.
Quinn has Frontier Day tomorrow
Kylie is making up a dance with Lydia for the upcoming Highland Oaks Talent Show


Christopher said...

how will your purse break the rules?

Julie/mom said...

If you have an item up for sale on ETSY, then you are NOT allowed to have it for sale anywhere else, or make a link to where other items are for whole point