Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Soldering Anyone?

I need a little help!
Does anyone know anyone that knows how to do a little delicate soldering?
This is my car door opener. That arrow is pointing to the part that needs to be soldered down.
Any takers?

While I was out today, I got this part fixed too. It holds up a flap in the back of my car. Mr. Nobody broke it.


Christopher said...

You'd have to buy a soldering iron and some solder. But basically you just touch the soldering iron to the piece till it gets hot, then touch the solder in the same place so it melts down and fuses everything together.

Julie/mom said...

I am hoping to find someone that already has those supplies and I can bring my device to them and in 1 minute it will be fixed with all my gratitude.

Steven said...

Would Scott Luna have something like that? I could imagine a plummer needing to solder something every once in a while.

Nana said...

How about Mike Miller? My bro, Quentin has a soldering outfit - but he lives in Utah.

Julie/mom said...

Thanks, good ideas....I will start with Scott & Mike.