Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Night's Activities

Friday night we had a primary activity: the primary children made the families dinner, then we each family made "crest". It worked out well. Our only primary child there was Griffin. While eating our meal, we heard some funny stories:

From Scott Luna: I would like to give "Shovel Pass" a hug. I think he has Scott Luna Syndrome. The syndrome is where you start gaining weight just after you graduated from high school.

From Scott Colton: he has an uncle with Down's family parties, when a delicious food items was put out on the table he (the uncle) would lick his fingers and touch everything he wanted to eat...just to make sure HE got to eat it.

In Other News:
  • we have loads of SPORTS today! Basketball for Z & Q, Tennis for Kylie, Softball for Kylie, Soccer for Q
  • We have Stake Conference tonight and tomorrow.
  • I can't believe NO COMMENTS about the knit uterus!
  • People have really got to clean up their STUFF around the house

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