Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sorry, No Pictures

I have taken pictures today to put on the blog, but it is too late, I will do it tomorrow.

Sports Update:
Quinn won his soccer game
Kylie won her Softball game (14 to 5!)
Zak and Quinn won their basketball game
Kylie did well in tennis

So, I guess we are all WINNERS!

In Other News:

  • Video - we watched Body of Lies tonight. Leonardo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe. It had such potential, but just missed the mark. Don't bother....especially if you don't have clear play.
  • We have Stake Conference tomorrow
  • Dad mowed the lawn today
  • It was SWEATY HOT!
  • Oh, Griffin and I and later Kylie collected A LOT of plastic bottles. We will turn them in for money. It was kind of exciting, like picking up all these nickles and dimes other people didn't want. We WILL collect more.


Emily said...

hey! how did collecting the bottles go? did you get much luck at the park where we have our 4th of july breakfast?

i'm glad you called me!

Julie/mom said...

We had great luck. About 3 minutes after we arrived, a man with a big truck, big boxes and big trashcans showed up looking for plastics too! I think we got the best stuff! We found a box with about 10 bottles, 2 unused pencils and a new spiderman (from B.K.) toy that Griffin had been lobbying for. I will take them on Tuesday to see what kind of cash I (we) get!

Zak said...

We won our Basketball game 54-24, not too shabby. I got the opening jump ball and was the first person to foul somebody, both great achievements

Christopher said...

Well done Zak. You bring honor.