Friday, October 3, 2008

Why No New Posts?

Christopher called and asked why I haven't been posting lately.
I have been sick! I got a terrible virus - very sore throat, and now I am left with NO voice! It is very frustrating. I also have a horrible cough. So, I have not felt well, nor like posting anything but feel sorry for me.

The Internet has been down in our house too! Such a travesty! Apparently water got in the connection outside and it became rusty. The man fixed it.

Ok - this is what has been going on:

I had my screw removal surgery! That on was Tues, Sept. 30th. It wasn't hideous, but it wasn't pleasant. My incision is very sore and sensitive. Don't touch it! These are the actual screws that were in my leg.

Here is the little bandage. It became way more gross.
I am also wearing Steven's black walking boot. I must wear it to walk around, but I can take it off whenever I am not walking. So, I washed my foot - first time since July 29th!
This is the before:Here is the after! Shocking, it IS the same foot!
Zak played football today. Arcadia won: 41 to 0! Zak actually played.

We also received a hand written letter from Chase today. I will put it and the other one on his blog later this evening. (We've received 2 letters from him this week!) All interesting news!

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Quinn said...

mom forgot to say that i won my football game 26 to 6, and no stiven i dont start on offence and defence yet, only offence