Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everybody Has Their Own Way

I cut Zak, Dad's and Quinn's hair today.

Zak had to wash his hair before I cut it, it was too dirty. He washed his hair nicely.

I cut his hair. He showered after the hair cut being VERY careful NOT to get his hair wet, as he had already washed it today.


Steven said...

His pillowcase must be disgusting. BTW, all of those "trades" were terrible. Not one of them had better average points than my guy. Pretty much any time zak wants you to do a trade, its not to your advantage.

Zak said...

mom, of-course, only told the part of the story she wanted too. I showered without getting my hair wet (not the smartest thing I've done) then after mom pointed out my mistake I went and washed my hair under a sink.