Thursday, October 9, 2008

True Blue

Every year during Homecoming week BYU has an event called True Blue Football. There are a couple fields to play football on and a giant slip and slide all covered in blue foam. There are several people with hoses walking around keeping the foam coming. It was really fun just to do the slip n slide and tackle people into the foam. In this picture, that shirt that I was wearing was totally white when I first got there. Christopher was here also with other people, I don't have a picture of him (I had to take this with my phone's camera).

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Julie/mom said...

Looks great Steven, thanks for sharing. I only WISH there were more pictures!! Find some and share. Your faces look blue, is that the photo or was the foam blue too?
Have you done this every year??

P.S. I found a typo! Second line.