Wednesday, October 8, 2008


All day long I have been trying to come up with something funny or interesting to blog about. Nothing is coming - so here is real life, what is really going on:
  • I blogged a bit this morning on the Payne blog - did you read it?? No one has commented yet, the chicken livers!
  • I went lurking on a few other blogs - nothing so interesting.
  • I showered!
  • I have tried to clean the family room a bit - it is so hard and unpleasant and sweaty!
  • I decided on dinner. We are going to have chinese chicken salad. Dad and I LOVE IT! Not so much for the others. Tonight I have decided to make A LOT of extra chicken so the others can mostly eat chicken and I will make rice too, and rolls. Then I am making some cinnamon type rolls for dessert. It should all be very good.
  • I picked up Griffin from school
  • Kylie has her FIRST violin lesson today! I can't wait to hear about it!
  • Kylie also goes to girl scouts today.
  • I must help Griffin with his homework.
  • Quinn has flag football practice.
  • Zak has football practice.
  • Dad has a Proposition 8 meeting tonight.
  • Oprah is going to have some people on who really know how to save they have $4 dinners (I can't believe that), their cell phone bill is $5 a month (I can't believe that either). I will let you know how that show is.

HEY! Have you 2 Utah boys done your Absentee Ballot stuff??

That's it!


Julie/mom said...

Dinner was FABULOUS! I feel sorry for all of you that did not get to eat it.

Oprah was ok. The $4 dinner lady bought a whole chicken for $2 and that would feed her family of 6 plus left overs! Seems impossible to me.

They did say to unplug your electronics when you are not using them, that they drain electricity all the time. We have A LOT of stuff plugged in.

$5 cell phone - she never uses it, and it is the only cell phone in the family. She got the plan on line.

G Dawney said...

Julie, I saw the same thing about unplugging and decided to give it a try for a month and see if it will make a difference.

The cheapest rotisserie chicken I can buy is $6, and it only feeds 4 of us. I can buy a whole chicken for like .39 a pound and cook it myself.. but it still only feeds 4 of us.

I didn't see the rest of the show, too many interruptions.

I have a pre-paid cell phone and I used to get by on 300 minutes every 3 months--but not so much now. Now I am going through 300 minutes in about 6 weeks. When I start going through 300 minutes a month, I'll get a real phone.

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe that lady gets food that cheap either. Unless it's one of those chickens that are like... waaaaaaaaay past their "sell by" date and you have to use it that night.

Also, I really like the other Halloween songs you found, and I am definitely going to steal them. I also want "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo but it's not on! So I might just have to upload it to a website somehow... I do have it on my computer, just not online. Grr. Also I need to change my blog colors and throw some ORANGE in there! I love Halloween!!!!

Oh and I like that you have two playlists on your blog now, hahah! Not a bad idea!

Christopher said...

We did our absentee ballots the other day. It was actually pretty easy, you can do it all online for LA county