Thursday, October 23, 2008

next woodshop creation!

I couldn't get a good picture. You may just have to see it in person. Anyway, it is a bud vase. I forgot what wood it is made out of, either Maple or Elm. I wrote it down, I'll have to go look at report. That stuff on the side is called a burl.

My last thing is my final project. You may have to click to make it bigger. It is a TV stand. There are about 10 pages of plans for the drawings defining the front view (shown), top view, drawers, and full scale of all the joints, etc. The drawings by themselves took somewhere around 30 hours to do, it was crazy. Now I get to actually make it!


Julie/mom said...

your vase is beautiful!

your drawing looks computer generated, is it? do you use a program to make the plans?

very interesting!

if you saw my post TRIAL and clicked on the link, I am VERY SORRY.

Christopher said...

Yes, I drew all the plans using Adobe Illustrator