Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Have Not Taken Enough Pictures Lately!

So, I pulled out the camera to document part of last night - - >
We had pancakes, yummy, and lots of bacon. (Really, this meal was planned for Monday night, but dad supplied dinner by bringing home extras from his lunch meeting at work, yippee!)
Quinn had to eat late because he was at soccer practice. Here he is happily eating! This was to be my picture of ALL the bacon that was LEFT OVER!
I guess I was wrong, it was gone about 30 minutes after that last picture.
Dad has been trying to fix the fridge ice and water - neither work. Pushing the fridge in, then out, depending on the starting for finishing, because of going to a meeting.
(Notice, in the background, Zak is jumping during the picture. He gets laughs from that.)
Finishing the pushing.
I always have interest in where Zak's salt line will be on his shirt on any given day. I don't really find it gross. I wonder how Chase would's his shirt.

Sadly, for Steven, I have NO clue what to have for dinner tonight!!


Nana said...

Last night we had Chicken Fricasee over mashed potes, asparagus, and green salad, Rhodes rolls. It was all very delicious and we were very full. Dad had 3 rolls with Rasberry Jam. This morning he had gained a lb or two!!

Nana said...

I liked all your pictures. especially the ones of Kerry pushing and pulling the frige. Our wonderful repair man fixed our frige while we were visiting Tennessee! tee hee.