Monday, October 20, 2008

An Explanation of The Ironing Board

In an effort to encourage more volunteerism and getting “the list” done, I have come up with a POINTS plan. You get points for doing your list, for volunteering, for helping. When you accrue enough points, you may turn those points into items you want – clothes, candy, meals out with friends, stuff you need money for. You get extra points for cleaning & vacuuming your room first, for getting the most points in a day.

Steven and Zak lobbied VERY hard to get points for several athletic achievements! I did succumb to a few, the worst being someone got a point for the Bloons game! Ugh! There were also points for pull-ups and push ups. That was all the first day when I was weak to the opposition. Steven also suggested to his brothers that they use their points that they had earned to wager on some football games – if the bears won or if the Rams won, which Steven lost both of those wagers.

So, Steven asked me to iron his “business casual” shirt. I did, it turned out great, he loved it. I asked him to make sure he put the iron and the ironing board away. He did not, I’m sure he forgot, so I have publicly deducted 3 points!
I am VERY happy with my new point system, and as in FF, Kylie is doing the best by far (well, Kylie did fall a bit in FF this week, sorry).
(The picture at the top is supposed to be tally marks. I see now that it looks kind of like a fence.)

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