Monday, December 15, 2008

Reasons I Have Not Blogged

1. I have stuff to do
2. It's raining
3. I have pains (back!)
4. I am going to the Bonnie Hunt Show tomorrow

I'll blog later


Steven said...

Is that show live? You should run wildly up to Bonnie's desk. Text me if you are going to do it.

Julie/mom said...

They tape it to show "live" later.
No cell phones nor cameras are aloud in the studio; they will take them from you if you try; AND I do not want to see what it is like inside jail.

If the crowd waves, you'll know I am waving at you.

Nana said...

Julie, sorry your back aches and your leg (it will probably ache for the rest of your life) Soon you are going to have to fight against osteoporosis. Be careful. Luv yu