Monday, December 8, 2008

About Town With NO Camera!

I was going to Rite Aid and couldn't believe what I saw! I pulled out my phone to use the camera, but saw I had NO battery life left, so no camera. I took good mental notes and drew the picture for you.

Yes, it was a volkswagon bug that pull up in the parking space a bit too far.

I was sorry for the driver, but I found it most entertaining for MY day.


Christopher said...

great picture, but turn it the right way!

hanner said...

I'm glad to see that the pet store is still in that strip mall. I've spent many days replacing fish in there.

Nana said...

Was the Volkswagon driver stupid?

hill mill said...

I LOVE that you drew out what you saw! haha

Julie/mom said...

Christopher, that IS the way the parking lot and all are. The car was up on a tree well a bit. Several police cars were there. The lady was sitting on a curb. She didn't look old, kind of young.

Glad you liked my drawing!