Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finally, A Post

Christopher and Steven, SURPRISINGLY came home on Thursday night! I don't know why, but I was expecting them to come home on Sunday. It was a nice and funny surprise! So, I have been doing more cooking, grocery shopping, Christmas shopping (Steven finally gave me his list!) The boys have all been on the computer playing their "blooming games" (!) So I also had a hard time getting a turn!

I have my turn now! We are trying to begin some more Christmas traditions!
  • most nights we read a scripture and answer a question about "why the Christmas season" Check here if you are interested!
  • using Kylie's handmade Advent Calendar. Very fun. Check it out here.
  • Griffin has his own Santa's Beard Advent Calendar
  • Self-Portraits! Yes, I am trying to get them all to paint their self-portraits. I told them no opening any presents until their painting is done! I will hang them on a wall. So far, Kylie, Griffin and I have done them. I will post the pictures.

In the meantime....other things are going on.....Indoor Soccer:

Here is Griffin at play:

Quinn also played indor soccer - his team was VICTORIOUS! Their finals are on Sunday, January 4th. The Coach will call Quinn and tell him how they did.
On Sunday, Sandy White gave our family this jar full of Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies! Very yummy. Guess how long they lasted? Sorry, Chase, you didn't get to have any.
(I also spent an hour this morning TRYING to learn how to cut the jar out. I was unsuccessful. I will try again!)

Sweet Griffin at his Elementary School Holiday Concert. I love this pose.
(Don't worry, videos to follow!)

Now, this is Kylie:

Here is Griffin:

Griffin, again. Come on...they are just 15 seconds long; and they are funny!

My plan for Christmas Eve Dinner is Clam Chowder with Fudge Cake for Dessert. Yummy! More grocery shopping for me!

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Nana said...

They are too cute. Every time Bumpa sees a picture of Kylie, he says, "Kylie is such a beautiful girl."