Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Could Use a Few More Hours in the Day!

I know the most enjoyable way to see blogs is to see and read their updates every day. That is my goal, but as you can see, it doesn't always happen. I can't even tell you what I have been doing, just know that I have been busy - I guess that means it is "that time of year"! The other thing that I know about blogs is that pictures make them much more enjoyable. So - here are a few pictures along with a few stories:

Here is our decorated Christmas tree - what I really wanted to do was show you the tree, BUT cut out everything else around it. Anyone know how to do that?? Here it is in the dark with the lights on. We have 3 strands of lights and are happy about that.
(please know that my background blogging music is "I want you to want me". That is thanks to Zak. I like it.)

I told Griffin to smile so I could take his picture - just for you. Griffin and I did have lunch at McDonald's today. It was nice. We went directly from his school. We went INSIDE! Then, we did several errands afterward. It worked out great. We saw Jack Hagen there. I wanted to brag about Christopher's TV stand, but didn't know how to tell him to go to the blog, it all seemed so long winded, and that is NOT Jack. Maybe I should keep "blog cards" in my purse...hmm, something for Christmas maybe?

Kylie happily let me take her picture too. Notice the blank space in her front teeth? That is where she had her tooth pulled. The dentist did a great job. It didn't hurt.

While driving down to pick-up Zak from school, I saw that gas has gone up from $1.59 to $1.63. The price increase has happened since lunch.
I took the Green Toyota to get it's smog inspection today. It FAILED! The guy asked if the car had a new battery, "yes", I said. He told me to drive it for 30-50 miles, bring it back and it should probably pass. Something with the new battery "re-set" the "computer". Whatever. Another thing to do on my list.
I have done quite a few extra credit items for School lately:
  • fudge for English - hope Sis. Swift does not read this
  • taught Zak how to SEW! for a "gift" for a pretend character - again for English - and the project was socks! Zak did great. I neglected to take a picture of that...oops
  • guacamole for Spanish - the teacher requested the food to come hot or cold, whichever was appropriate, and bring it to class after school - directly after class. I guess that teacher wanted a free meal that day.

Having spaghetti for dinner.

It looks like Zak will join the soccer team.

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