Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures of TV Stand

At last! I have the TV stand at home. I put on top of it some things that I've made already as well:

I also took pictures of my 3 favorite projects that other people made. These people had a lot more experience in woodworking already. I kinda wish I had've taken a picture of a blanket chest too, because those looked pretty neat as well.

My project was done entirely in walnut. The one that turned his table legs did a mix of walnut and maple. The next one is done out of maple too, but a kind that is called birdseye maple. The last one has the chess squares made out of bubinga and maple, with the rest made out of walnut.

I guess I don't have a really good mix of woods to show here. Another very good looking wood is cherry, and I saw a couple projects made out of Red Oak which looked pretty good as well.

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Nana said...

I liked all the projects. Why didn't you put "pulls" on the drawers? Birdseye Maple was very popular back in the olden days. I have a dresser (in our spare bedroom) that is Birdseye Maple. I also like Cherry wood. I thought your pine with worms was very interesting. Good Job!!