Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just Thursday

No pictures, nothing so interesting. We all just did our stuff today.
Me - I did my list. Played Kylie's violin today. Made oatmeal for dinner! I may soon subject you all to a violin rendition, it will sound just like you imagine.
Dad - work
Zak - track, went to his JV football Whoopti-Doo dinner
Quinn - trying to think up things to do instead of homework. He hates graphing lines.
Kylie - soccer practice, homework
Griffin - he did his homework with the accompaniment of whining to go with it.

We will watch Survivor tonight. That will be good.

P.S. Griffin just said he had to go potty....then asked if he could have a point for it.


Quinn said...

these are the lines I have to graph:
a parallel line with y=-2x+5 that goes through the point (18,4)

now tell me, would you enjoy graphing that

Elizabeth said...

Quinn, I actually loved that kind of math homework.

I think it's lame that kids as young as Griffin need to do homework. Grr.

Nana said...

I hope Griffin got his point.