Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Bonnie Hunt Show

Sylvia, Gil's cousin, got us, (Holly Heslop and I) VIP tickets to the Bonnie Hunt Show. It is on at noon here in Arcadia - NBC.

The VIP tickets let us come at least one hour later than everybody else AND we got seated first. It was very nice.

Before the show started, the BH workers told us don't do the following, or you will look dumb on TV:
  1. chew gum
  2. wave your arms around wildly (at your son watching at home)

The guests on her show were:

  1. The actor from Memento (I can't remember his name). He was very nice, but my, was he tiny! I think Zak wears bigger pants than that guy. Everyone on TV is WAY tinier than what they look like on TV
  2. Tim Gunn - he is a judge on show where people want to be fashion designers
  3. A new muppet character that is a shrimp. He was funny although I thought he was a chicken through most of his segment
  4. a pre-recorded Trace Atkins; for the TV viewers it will look like he was there performing, but he wasn't. He is a country singer. He sang "White Christmas".

It was interesting to see a show being taped. I enjoyed watching all the people that are involved behind the scenes! So many! One guy's job was to move electrical cord around; one woman seemed to just be wandering and possibly moving lint around. She must not have liked her job as she NEVER smiled, even when her picture was being taken.

We were NOT allowed to bring cameras or phones. Believe me, I would have been recording the events for your pleasure.

I have watched the BH show a few times last week; Bonnie has been giving the audience gifts; not fabulous gifts, but gifts. Our gift today was 6 months worth of Tide laundry detergent. Zak said that could be a $50 gift! I'll let you know how that works out.

We did not get to keep our VIP lanyards. That was sad.

The show I watched will be airing tomorrow, Wed, December 17th.

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Nana said...

We watched the Diane Carroll show being taped back in our gorgeous days. I think we lived in Orange Co. Fullerton, CA. We also watched the Bob Hope show and the Johnny Carson once. Dad's friend or one of us lost something very important. Anyway, glad you had fun.