Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Christmas Tree CHOOSING

We went to Home Depot Monday night to pick our Christmas Tree!
We are just beginning the hunt!

We find a good area to look

Zak starts climbing through the trees

Quinn climbed up too. Zak kept climbing higher

They pulled this tree up and out
This is what and how we chose it - wrapped up and ready to go!

Zak, carrying the tree by himself

Griffin and Kylie in the trees too
We looked in the 6-7 foot tree section.
Here is a comparison of 2 trees, both in the 6-7 foot area. We chose the tallest.

Tying the tree on the car
The tree is up, watered, light with ornaments. It looks kind of like this.
I will take pictures of the real thing and put them up manana. Too tired tonight.


Christopher said...

good picture taking

Nana said...

How fun to see the pictures. The kids all looked so excited. I remember when we would go to pick out a tree. It was always very fun. There were no pictures of Kerry. Was he busy working? I love you all.