Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday - What Did We Do?

Dad - great driver-arounder, took Kylie and Griffin places, then he started his real day at work, then off to Bishopric meeting!

Mom - I washed my hair! Kept my leg up. Tonight I will watch Wipeout then I Survived a Japanese Game Show. This morning, Kylie and I watched our recorded The Mole. We enjoyed it. I also caught up on my thank you notes. Oh, I also blogged a bit....on most my blogs.

Christopher - he had the morning off of "Mother/driving" duty. He worked, went to lunch, did a service, helped missionaries, worked some more, went to Fry's. Productive.

Steven - Worked on his "Comparative Analysis" day of work. He did it too.

Chase - did missionary work, wrote us a letter - check out his blog...chasemission.blogspot.com

Zak - had a great day at camp Cherry Valley, a boy scout camp

Quinn - great day at camp Cherry Valley, did some rifle shooting

Kylie - played her 3rd tennis tournament game. It was close, but she lost. Then she went to swimming lessons, helped me, made me lunch, played with Lydia.

Griffin - Swimming lessons, had a nap, made nachos...twice....picture will be coming later.

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