Friday, August 1, 2008

Oops....I think I did it again....

ok, this one is only good if you know that bone sticking out of my ankle is what is causing the bleeding. And just imagine a bit a crying from a 47 year old mother.

Steven took these with his cell phone. He did not remember to bring the camera! This was after my foot was jostled enough to get it back in place.

taken today with my cell phone, (friday aug 1st)
If I keep my leg still, I have a better chance of it not hurting.

It is true, I broke my leg....again

There is something with me and my children's birthdays!

Here are a few pictures. They do NOT do the pain, nor the accident justice. Maybe Steven should have captured my screams, or maybe not.

I broke my fibula - same bone as last time (2002, Christopher's b-day), and my tibia is broken, and my ligaments are broken. A chip of my tibia was coming out my ankle. Yes, it hurt!

I was walking out my back door, steps, wet, I hydroplaned and landed wrong.

Surgery was done to correct all my problems. They used steel plates and screws. I guess I will beep now when going through the airport.

I also discovered that I bruised my knuckle. That was funny to me.

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