Monday, August 11, 2008


What's a blog without pictures....that's what I say!

I finally got some pictures and picture editing software on this little computer of Christopher's. Here is what you have been missing -
Daddy told Griffin that he would get him a present for his make-up party. Griffin liked the Mach 5 that I got him, but he really wanted a Mach 6! Who knew. Daddy got him the Mach 6.


Zak and Quinn came home on Saturday from camp. They were gone a week. They apparently did not bring enough socks. I guess it was more wet and dirty than they expected.

Quinn went to church on Sunday. He passed the sacrament, sat on the stand as the Bishop's messenger. This was the best he could do with his hair. He tried to push it down. It made me laugh. I will take any entertainment I can.



They played on Monday, Aug 11th

The missionaries in this zone all came to enjoy the fun also!

That is Zak in the white shirt with the ball. I was told this was just before he was gotten out...the guy in the green shirt also has a ball and is about to throw it at Zak.

I think that is Steven, close, with the ball.

Zak and Quinn

Christopher, right in front
(I think)
This was taken Saturday, August 10th. I still have the cast.
Thanks for the cute, green gown, Candice!

Last, but not least....

This is our chlorine container in the pool. Steven thought it looked weird, he tried to describe it to me, I didn't get it, I told him to just take a picture of it and show me. He did. It is VERY weird. I have never seen the chlorine look like this.

Anyone out there know?

Apparently, my uploading pictures to this blog is ruining the boys DOTA game! They have been wondering why their game was going so slow. Oops. I will post the rest of the pictures later. I know you will wait with baited breath!

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