Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A few shocking things about this time of year:

During the HUGE time of cooking (thanksgiving food, regular food), I have been asked to Make 2 dozen cookies for a church activity and make a cake for extra credit at school!

On Wednesday, read big day of roll & jello making, I have to spend hours at school for a special thanksgiving program. I enjoy being at school with my child, but it is a little stressful when I should be home preparing food!

So, I will get from these shocking, yet true situations, I am thankful for:

a kitchen to cook in
great recipes to cook from
friends and teachers that feel that I am a great cook
an oven that works
Children that have good schools to go to
a car to drive me to the places I need to go
Legs that can walk or run me places also
Medication I can take in case I get a headache!
great sales this week at the grocery store

I also discovered how to make a quick shortcut for the "strike through" feature on Word! I love it. I'll share that later I don't have quite so much to do!

Be thankful!

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