Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gardening Today

It was accidental gardening today....
We didn't mean to, but as we walked into the backyard, I showed Griffin and Kylie just how easy it was to pull up some grass/weeds. It was so easy, we stayed out and the continued to work for hours! We had GREAT rewards, though. While weeding, this is what I discovered: These are RASPBERRIES at the top of my raspberry plant! (The top of the plant has fallen to the ground...I have since wrapped it back up and around the rod iron fence.) I was shocked to see them. I quickly picked one and ate it. It was DELICIOUS!
While I was at it; I took a few more pictures of other treasures in my NOVEMBER garden:
We have oodles of tomatoes! Anyone want to can them? Please do.
Look at the BEAUTIFUL zinnia!
Hard, to see, but that is Kylie standing and looking at a DAHLIA that is taller than her! The dahlia belongs to Francis Laidlaw.
Back to my yard....this is a Cosmo
Kylie discovered her CARROT was ready to pick and eat!
It was delicious too! Kylie took this picture of herself. She is quite the poser.
Nice shot of the carrot:
Marigolds that I planted from a SEED!
After many hours of working, Kylie and I have now planted seeds for two different types of lettuce, broccoli, carrots, pole beans, pansies. Some should be sprouting in a week!
It's nice to live in Southern California.

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